japan watch importers' association
Here is a gallery of selected timepieces of watch and clock brands from around the world, accompanied by accurate and reliable information, such as specifications on each presented model, stories behind the brand and links to the brand official website.
37 authorized dealers are currently members of the Japan Watch Importers' Association.
Submitting import records and/or recommendations by current members are required to become a member of the Association, and a set screening process ensures only dealers with proper and reliable business qualify as an official member.
Japan Watch Importers' Association is an organization of authorized dealers of foreign brand watches and clocks.
Our aim is to establish and maintain order in import procedures of foreign watch and clock brands, enhance the quality of life in Japan, and contribute to promote public welfare.
This association provides various kinds of news and topics to the public such as the World Watch Fair at department stores, merchandise information and information on activities of her members through the internet homepage.

Japan Watch Importers' Association annually publishes a comprehensive catalogue of imported watch and clock brands including information on the history and corporate development of brands registered with the Association, and a showcase of models that represent the brand.

Technical seminar is held for sales persons of watches. The seminar is held once a year, and has 10 sessions (once every week, 10 weeks in total) and each session lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. These seminars is held for profound understanding to the structure of a watch through practical skill training. The seminars are conducted under the auspices of the Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College.

In Japan, a CWC (Certified Watch Coordinator) is a sale clerk whom consumers can rely on and receive sound consultation and advice from when they purchase watches. All CWCs have adequate technical and other specialized knowledge on watches, and have the ability to provide proper guidance to consumers on purchase or after-sales service. The Japan Watch Importers’ Association has set up such a certifying system through written examinations and technical practice courses.


JWIA annually announces the Grand Prix of men’s and ladies’ models officially imported to Japan, the result of which is decided by votes cast by Certified Watch Coordinators (CWC) on the criteria of “the most recommendable model for consumers”.

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