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Events in Japan 2012.03.30 World Watch Fair
Information 2012.03.01 The purity display of the hollmark of the Mint Bureau changes from April, 2012
Information 2012.02.24 The successful candidates’ examinee’s number of the CWC written examination became an announcement.
World Events 2012.02.20 BASELWORLD 2012 The Watch&Jewellery Show
World Events 2012.02.09 Inhorgenta europe 2012 39th Int’l trade fair for jewellery,watches,design,gemstones,and technology
Seminar 2012.02.03 The 14th Mechanical Watch Technological Course for sales persons.
Information 2012.02.02 The written examination of 1st Certified Watch Coordinator acccreditation was done on January 25.
World Events 2012.01.26 2012 AGTA GemFair-Tucson
Events in Japan 2012.01.12 Cuervo y Sobrinos Museum fair
Events in Japan 2011.12.16 Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces
Information 2011.12.01 The application of a certified watch coordinator (CWC) accreditation examination is over on December 1.
Events in Japan 2011.11.17 PATEK PHILIPPE Winter Selection "Ladies' Nautilus" and Precious Jewelry
Information 2011.11.01 The application of a certified watch coordinator (CWC) accreditation examination starts on November 1.
Events in Japan 2011.10.28 World Watch Fair (KINTETSU Department Store, Abeno)
Information 2011.10.21 Japan Watch Importers’ Association held 2nd press social gathering.
Information 2011.10.19 An adoption design and its proposer determined about logo of CWC by general invitation.
Events in Japan 2011.10.17 2011 Prestige Watch Fair at Matsuzakaya Nagoya <2011.11.23>
Information 2011.10.03 CWC new web site open.
Information 2011.09.30 About the general invitaition of a cwc logo.
Events in Japan 2011.09.29 PATEK PHILIPPE "Annual Calendar" Premium Collection
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